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5291050 Oil Pump for 6C8.3, ISC8.3, ISL8.9, L8.9, QSC8.3, QSL9, QSL9.3

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Oil Pump

5291050, 4897481

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5291050 Oil Pump for 6C8.3, C GAS PLUS CM556, G8.3, G8.3 CM558, GTA8.3 CM558, ISC CM2150, ISC CM554, ISC CM850, ISC8.3 CM2250, ISC8.3 G CM2180 C101, ISL CM2150, ISL CM554, ISL CM850, ISL G CM2180, ISL8.9 CM2150 L110, ISL8.9 CM2880 L112, ISL9 CM2150 SN, ISL9 CM2250, ISL9 CM2350 L101, ISL9 CM2350 L111, ISLE4 CM850, L GAS PLUS CM556, L8.9, L8.9 L121, L9 CM2350 L116B, L9 CM2350 L119B, L9 CM2350 L120C, L9 CM2350 L123B, L9.3 L105, L9.5 L117, L9N CM2380 L124B, QSC8.3 CM2250, QSC8.3 CM2880 C102, QSC8.3 CM554, QSC8.3 CM850(CM2850), QSL9 CM2250, QSL9 CM2250 L115, QSL9 CM2350 L102, QSL9 CM2350 L107, QSL9 CM2350 L118, QSL9 CM2350 L122, QSL9 CM554, QSL9 CM850(CM2850), QSL9 G CM558, QSL9 M CM2250 L106, QSL9.3 CM2880 L113

Spare parts available for Cummins engine, Cummins generator set repairs, overhaul repairs, daily maintenance, wearing parts, performance parts. Like piston kit, piston ring, liners, camshaft, crankshaft, Upper Engine Gasket , Lower engine gasket, Connecting Rod, Main Bearing, Connecting Rod Bearing, Intake valve, Exhaust valve, Valve Insert, Valve Spring, Retainer, Valve Guide, Camshaft Follower Roller, Push Rod, Piston Cooling nozzle, Bushing, V Ribbed Belt, Turbocharger Repair Kit, Thermostat, Transducer, Magnetic Pickup, Magnetic Switch, Injector, Lubricating Oil Pump, Starting Motor,  Alternator, water pump, Oil Cooler Core, Turbocharger, Thrust Bearing, Expansion Plug,  Lub Oil Filter, Oil Bypass Filter, Fuel filter, Water filter, air filter, Water Separator, Oil Rear seal, Oil Pan, Exhaust Manifold, Engine block, sea water pump, heat exchanger, radiator, fan, air compressor, steering pump, solenoid, rocker arm etc.

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